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(Yahoo!) - Not only does Shakira have a smoking-hot body, hips that don’t lie, an adorable family, and a killer career, but also she’s a Mensa member, meaning that she has an IQ over 139. Mensa International, the largest and oldest IQ society in the world, recently released a list of celebrities with above average IQs. Among those to make the list include megastar Madonna, with an IQ of 140.

And the youngest celeb on the Mensa list is 14-year-old "Modern Family" star Nolan Gould. While his character, Luke Dunphy, may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, in real life, the young star is a certified genius. It has been revealed that Nolan has an IQ of 150, qualifying him to be a part of Mensa International. The teenager is so smart, in fact, that he graduated from high school at just 13 years old!

Check out the vid to see what other celebs made the smarty-pants list!


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