At iHeartRadio, interns play an integral part in our business. Across the country, our iHeartRadio stations rely on interns for everything from administrative tasks to contributing on the air, and these internships are vital for aspiring radio professionals to learn the ropes and gain invaluable experience that doesn't come in a classroom.

So we were super excited when we first found out about new movie The Internship, which follows Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) as they become interns at Google after the company they had been working for goes under. What better time to shine the spotlight on the interns that work hard for us everyday?

Check out some iHeartRadio interns and their bosses from across the country dishing out advice and tidbits they've picked up along the way.

Why iHeartRadio internships rock:

From G105 in Raleigh, NC:

From 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles:

From iHeartRadio Headquarters:

From KISS 95.7 in Hartfort, CT featuring Emblem 3:

From 94.5 The Buzz in Houston, TX:

From Q102 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

From 102.5 The Bull in Birmingham, AL:

Advice for interns:

From the program director at 93.3 FLZ  in Tampa, FL:

From Theresa, on-air personality at 94.5 The Buzz in Houston, TX:

From DJ J. Espinosa at WiLD 94.9 in San Francisco, CA:

From 103.5 KISS FM in Chicago, IL:

From Sean, on-air personality at 95.7 KISS FM in San Diego, CA:

From Tommy, on-air personality at Channel 96.3 FM in Wichita, Kansas:

From CT The Web Chick at Tampa Bay's Mix 100.7 in Tampa, FL:

From KUBE 93 in Seattle, WA:

From DJ Hotsauce at Hot 105.7 in Montgomery, AL:

Check out the trailer for The Internship:

Check out more advice from iHeartRadio interns and employers with the hashtag #iHeartMyInternship: