TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA.com) - Parker Schenecker still smiles when he talks about his children.

His teenaged children Beau and Caylx Schenecker died in early 2011, shot by their mother.

On Thursday, Julie Schenecker was convicted of their murders and sentenced to life in prison. Now her ex-husband is working to keep their memories alive, and support a foundation in their honor.

“Caylx and Beau were just awesome,” Parker Schenecker said.

Schenecker spent the past two weeks at his ex-wife’s trial, and was there for the verdict.

“I listened to the evidence and I would have come to the same conclusion the jury did,” he said.

Testimony in the trial also explored Julie Schenecker’s motivation, and state of mind. Parker Schenecker also said he believes his then-wife had some “resentment.”

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