TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Florida law enforcement authorities are set to begin a public awareness campaign to fight the effort to legalize medicinal marijuana, a question that will be put to voters in November.

This winter, the Florida Sheriff’s Association sent sheriffs across the state an email asking for their support of a resolution opposing the legalization of marijuana. A vast majority of the 67 sheriffs was in favor of fighting against any effort to legalize pot.

Steve Casey, executive director of the Florida Sheriff’s Association said the board of directors approved the resolution language, which was emailed to each sheriff for review.

He then polled the sheriffs, he said.

“Of the 67 sheriffs, 63 cast their vote to support the resolution,” he said, “and four abstained from voting on the issue.”

The association now is drawing in substance-abuse awareness and anti-drug groups around the state to participate in the “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot” campaign focused on defeating the referendum, said Nanette Schimpf, spokeswoman for the association.

Florida voters will decide the issue in November.

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