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Chris Brown is opening up about his rocky relationship with Rihanna.  The British newspaper the Mirror caught up with the singer at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar fundraising party Sunday where he admitted that he's learned a lot since the night of his now infamous attack on his pop star girlfriend. 

He called the incident the deepest regret and biggest mistake of his life.  Brown didn't go into the actual details about the altercation, but he did indicate that a fight spiraled out of control. 

He was arrested and eventually sentenced to five years probation for the attack on Rihanna, in addition to coming under fire from many in the entertainment industry. 

Chris says he was only able get through the intense scrutiny because of the support he had from his fans and those close to him.  He says his fan base has been incredible.  

Brown also spoke about his recent reconciliation with Rihanna.  Since their break up, Chris says the two have done some "serious making up."  He adds that he worked hard to earn Rihanna's forgiveness.  

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