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The party is finally getting started.  Ke$ha new documentary series "My Crazy Beautiful Life" is premiering tonight on MTV.  "My Crazy Beautiful Life," which was shot by her brother over a period of two years, has promised to offer an authentic behind-the-scenes look at her rise to fame following her breakout success in 2010.  

While Ke$ha will be revealing a much more emotional side of herself, the free-spirited singer has said the show will also capture what she's best known for, her hard core partying antics.  

The previews and sneak peeks alone have been making headlines, showing the 26-year-old wild-child causing commotions at restaurants, letting loose on the dance floor and even drinking some of her own urine.  

"My Crazy Beautiful Live" premieres tonight on MTV at 11 p.m. Eastern. 

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