Miley Cyrus has enlisted the help of rapper Snoop Dogg in her attempt to record the album that will finally move her past her former Disney princess days.  In fact, the D-O-double-G will be featured on the first single, which Miley told Ryan Seacreast's radio show will be "coming out very, very soon." 

While it seems like an unlikely match at first glance, Miley has said that her new album will be taking on more of a hip-hop feel.  A number of hip hop artists, including Pharrell Williams, Mac Miller and Tyler the Creator, have all been connected to Miley's album, which she announced last year. 

Miley admits that she would have never dreamed that the single would have Snoop on it, but the collaboration "just happened" out of her desire to look at the album as "a bunch of passion projects." 

Meanwhile, things seem to be back on track for her and fiance Liam Hemsworth, who was seen at her Los Angeles home after returning back from a trip to Australia amid breakup rumors.