Let me introduce you to J Bunzie...

(photo: Brian Fink)

If you went to 93.3FLZ's Jingle Ball back in December, you may have seen her walking around.  When I saw her, I had to walk past her 3 times because I seriously thought it was Miley!  After the show, saw her again, and asked to take a pic with her...and since then, we've become friends.  She is one of the best Transformation Makeup Artists around, in the past transforming from Miley to Ariana Grande to even a teenage boy!



Well for tonight's Bangerz show, you'll be able to take your pic with her for FREE before the concert.  Even if you don't have tickets to the show!  We'll be out on the plaza at the Forum from 5-7p; just come to the 93.3FLZ tent.

And in EXTRA preparation for this, J Bunzie has even cut her hair!  Total FULL-ON MILEY!!!

This is gonna be so much fun tonight!  See ya there!!