David Guetta has been producing hit after hit since 2001. In 2011, Sia wrote "Titanium" for Guetta and recorded a demo for him, with the song being planned for Mary J Blige to sing. But the song was released with Sia's vocals instead, and became a HUGE mainstream smash, even being used in the movie "Pitch Perfect".

(photo: Getty Images)


Last month in an interview, Sia said she was actually embarrassed Guetta released "Titanium" with her vocals because she felt it would ruin her credibility in the music scene, with how commercial the song was.

I got a chance to speak to Guetta and asked him why he decided to do that.  Plus we discuss David's newest song "Lovers On The Sun" featuring Sam Martin and co-produced by Avicii, as well as when he thinks he's going to stop!  Hint: it involves death.