Two days removed from Miami Music Week and I'm still recovering.  Caught a bug or something.  Anyway, new music!  Lady Gaga finally bringing more music from her ARTPOP project, in the form of "G.U.Y.", a bit of a dirty hip-hop vibe on that one.  More dirty hip-hop vibes from Iggy Azalea with "Fancy"... I like this song a lot, Charli XCX channeling Gwen Stefani a little bit on the hook.  Lorde has yet another downtempo anthem with "Tennis Court," that could continue her pretty amazing run. Christina Perri is not a name I usually use in conjunction with my show, but her new song "Human" has some HUGE remixes and I'm coming around on it finally.  And to round out the super new stuff, Chromeo gets the Jump Smokers remix treatment on "Jealous."

What do you want to hear this week? Let me know in the comments!

iHeartRadio Hit Mix Friday 3/28

Club 933 Interactive 3/28

Club 933 Interactive 3/30

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