As 93.3 gradually shifted toward being a more mainstream Top 40 station,
adding groups like Green Day with artists it already played like Snoop Dogg,
it was decided a change in image was due as well. Shedding the "Power Pig"
name would help change the stations "bad boy" image but yet they wouldn't
have to totally leave the Bad Boy side behind. In fact, night time "bad boy"
Bubba The Love Sponge was the first jock to use the new name-
93.3FLZ, Tampa Bay's New Music Revolution in March 1995.

Then in April 1995, the powerhouse morning publicity machine at 93.3FLZ debuts ten MJ BJ OJ billboards throughout the Tampa Bay area. The boards only had three mug shots on them and nothing else when they first went up. Names and station logos were not added for the first week, stirring a lot of talk in the market. Some thought MJ & BJ were the Menendez Brothers.

O.J. Simpson's attorneys later brought on the threat of a lawsuit for misappropriation of the former football star's likeness and name and an invasion of his privacy.
Station manager Dave Reinhart agreed to remove the billboards after receiving a letter from Simpson's attorneys. Reinhart stated that he thought the mug shot, which appeared on the covers of national magazines following Simpson's arrest the year before, was in the public domain.

With the mainstream approach and the change to 93.3FLZ, the station achieved #1 status, eventually clean sweeping #1 P 12+, 18-34, and 25-54. The MJ and BJ Morning Show grew into the #1 morning show in Tampa Bay during this time.

When Jacor and eventually Clear Channel acquired 98 Rock, Bubba the Love Sponge became the morning show there, and his replacement for a year was the Kramer and Twitch show, which eventually was replaced. Then-PD Domino held down nights while a search took place, and an up-and-comer from Hot 107.9 in Syracuse by the name of Kane was hired to do nights as "The Xtreme Show with Kane". PD Domino remarked, "I remember when Kane showed up for the interview - he was wearing a tie. I told him "This is FLZ, we don't wear ties here, so take it off or I'll be forced to cut it off with a pair of scissors... it's a FLZ rule."