Listen, I don't have kids... but I do have 7 nieces and nephews & friends who have little nuggets & I personally found this hilarious.

This is thanks to blogger Mike Julianelle, behold: 10 ways having a toddler is like being in prison:

1. You can't do anything without constant supervision.

2. Every morning begins with someone screaming at you to wake up.

3. You're always terrified something bad will happen while you're in the shower.

4. You're always scared someone is going to crawl into your bed in the middle of the night.

5. Meal time is fraught with tension.

6. Someone's always watching you go to the bathroom.

7. You never get to choose the movie and then it's hard to hear it over all the hooting and hollering.

8. You're always terrified someone is going to punch, bite, tackle, stab or attack you with some kind of makeshift weapon.

9. Contraband - like booze, chocolate and adult entertainment - must be smuggled in and consumed in secret.

10. Conjugal visits are hard to come by, require intense scheduling, and are often interrupted.

But come on, this little kid is pretty bad-a$$... that's me btw lol

And my little bro... not blessed with the curly q's in this pic (yet)