My sister Amy always finds the best recipes and of course, I stalk her for them... and this is one of my FAVS.  I made it for my Oscars party last night & yasssssss!!

Maybe it's the butter, maybe it's the ranch but all I know is I hover over this thing waiting for it to finish.

It's creepy, actually.


3-lb Chuck roast

Dry packet of Au Jus

Dry packet of Hidden Valley ranch dip

5-6 pepperoncinis

One stick of butter


Put roast inside your crockpot

Evenly pour each of the packets of seasoning onto the roast

Line the outside of the roast with the pepperoncinis

Place the stick of butter on top

Cook on LOW for 6 hours

It should be really tender and just flake apart, I like to make little sammies with it using butter rolls :)  The juice on the bottom can be saved for a really yummy gravy too!! (another Amy tip)