And begins my obsession with smoothies.  

Healthy, low-calorie & I felt really satisfied/full after having them for lunch on Saturday and brekkie on Sunday.  This recipe makes (2) servings and after researching, you can put the other 1/2 in an air-tight container and save it for the next day :)

Full disclosure, it smelled sort of weird (I believe I was quoted to say it "smelled like farts") but it was SUPER yummy! I gotta thank my friend Jessica (she teaches amazing bootcamp classes around Tampa Bay) for this awesome recipe.  I was pretty clueless at first lol. 

2-3 Strawberries
1 apple
1 orange
1 handful of red grapes (I didn't have grapes, so I used blackberries instead)
2 inch banana
1 tbsp chia seed(optional)
8 oz water
3-4 ice cubes
Fill rest of blender with spinach leaves


Don't be scared that it legit looks like salsa... it's GEWWWD!