This recipe is my JAM!!  I mean, I love me some enchiladas but I wasn't expecting it to be soooo tasty.  

Also, you can add whatever meat of your choice if you aren't feeling the meat-less thing.  I actually split the recipe in 1/2 and made half of it meatless and the other half with chicken,

Vegetarian Enchiladas
Adapted from Martha Stewart

• 2 10-oz cans of mild enchilada sauce
• 1 ½ cups grated Monterey Jack cheese
• 1 ½ cups grated extra-sharp cheddar cheese
• 1 can (15 ounces) black beans, rinsed and drained
• 3-4 ounces (about half a bag) fresh baby spinach, chopped
• 1 ½ cups frozen corn
• 1 bunch of scallions, white and green parts separated
• 14-16 corn tortillas

To make the filling, combine 1 cup of Monterey Jack, 1 cup of cheddar, the beans, spinach, corn, scallion whites, ¼ cup scallion greens and the remaining cumin and chili powder in a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F, and lightly spray two 8-inch square baking dishes with non-fat cooking spray. 

Fill each warmed tortilla with 1/3 heaping cup of filling. Roll the tortillas tightly, and arrange them, seam side down, in the oiled baking dishes. 

Top the enchiladas with the sauce, and sprinkle on the remaining ½ cup of each kind of cheese, divided evenly between the baking dishes. Bake uncovered until the enchiladas are hot and bubbly.  About 30-40 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes, and then serve with the remaining scallion greens on top!  And of course I had to throw some non-fat plain Chobani yogurt on that hoe, in place of sour cream ;)