Ugh this weekend was rough.  Beach, beers & bad food (and by "bad" I mean awesome...but low-calorie it was not).

That's why I had to bust out this list of food/drink to beat belly bloat.  Eat and drink up, buttercup!!  This list is according to "Fitness" magazine.

1. Water with lemon

2. Celery

3. Watermelon

4. Rosemary and Turmeric

5. Beans and Lentils

6. Yogurt

Extra tips from "Fitness" mag... limit sodium and booze intake, make sure you are getting plenty foods that hold water like wheat bran or all-bran cereal, exercise and get plenty of sleep!!

Fruits and veggies!!  Affectionately named the "Septic Smoothie" because it looks like sewage, do not be scared.  This is fiberous and filling :)

For the recipe, click >>> HERE