Jordin Sparks was beautiful before her weight loss & now that toned body is the result of a girl who likes to be fit (check her Insta, she loves her some gym time)!!  Even after posting this amazing bikini pic, she confesses a struggle with body image.  

At first I thought, "Omg she is nuts, she looks so good" but I feel her!! We need to reward all our hard work/dedication and ENJOY the results! Easier said than done & I need to really work on taking my own advice ;)  But she is killin' it.

"My bathing suit today! BIG step for me to wear something like this on a carpet. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it was for a pool party...but for ME, this was HUGE. I'm still learning more about my health & body confidence everyday! I always want to keep growing! Some of the pics might look crazy & that's okay! Will there be some unflattering angles? Yeah. Will I have some jiggle here, some flab there? YUP. Am I continuously working to be fit & healthy? SURE AM! I've come a long way from where I was! I love my life! I love who I am & who I'm becoming!! One step at a time...☺️"