Aside from being completely bewildered by the hoards of RANDOM presents last night at the American Music Awards (Michael Bolton? Alicia Silverstone?? Chris Daughtry???), the AMAs were pretty entertaining.

Here were a few of my favorite moments:

Rihanna with a million bobby-pins in her hair, she won an Icon Award!

Ariana Grande was cute as a button & rocked a Jessica Rabbit dress.  When won, she pulled her acceptance speech out of her boobies #classicmove

Macklemore performed live from Miami, someone didn't get the memo on which camera was on what because we got a sweet shot of a water bottle!  Shout out Zephyrhills!

Lady Gaga and R Kelly did some Marilyn Monroe/sexretary slash President performance.  It was confusing, especially when R was screaming something about Instagram.

Miley shut it down with "Wrecking Ball" & a lip-syncing cat.  Her high-waisted cat undies looked so tight, it hurt our no-no spots just looking at it.