The answer is, "YES! Go see it!!"

Let me start by saying that I am a pretty tough movie critic, but I REALLY liked it.  Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz are a modern day Lucy & Ethel, Kate Upton who despite having fewer lines than I expected was funny & adorable, Nicki Minaj was amazingggggg.  Her skin is flawless, sidebar.

I mean, I was lol'ing and I rarely do that in theatres ;)

Even tho it was sort of long and I have the attention span of a toddler, the 1 hour and 9 minutes flew by!  It was funny, the fashion was eye-candy (um, can we have Cameron Diaz's closet?!), the guys were hot and the plot was engaging.

Big fan.  Go get your girls & have a movie night this weekend