Ordering OFF menu?  How bougie of you! ;)

Order the following items "off menu"...and lunch like the bad-a$$ you are!


Monster MAC - Eight beef patties, as much cheese as you can handle, special sauce, lettuce, pickles and onions (no joke, it's 11,500 calories)

McGangBang - a McChicken sandwich inside a Double Cheeseburger

Mc10:35 - a Egg McMuffin and the McDouble, as one sammich!

Panera Bread:

Power breakfast with egg and steak (steak, eggs, tomato and avacado)

Burger King:

Suicide burger - 4 meat patties and 4 slices of cheese, strips of bacon strewn throughout, and a secret sauce


Pizza sub -  salami, pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce

Sweet and sour chicken sub - chicken, banana peppers, tomato, red onion, both sweet onion sauce and red wine vinagerette


Captain Crunch Frappucino - hazelnut syrup in a Strawberries & Creme frap

Cake Batter Frappucino - vanilla & almond syrup in a Vanilla Bean Creme frap

Grasshopper Frappucino - a mocha frap blended with java chocolate chips & peppermint syrup


What can I say, I'm a food perv.  I'd be down for any and all