Most popular Starbucks drink in Tampa, FL - ICED COFFEE

Well that's some groundbreaking research, people in HOT AS BALLS FLORIDA order iced coffee?!?!!?  Lol.  Meanwhile, I always order hot coffee.  I mean, I am from Wisconsin...I have an excuse ;)

Here's the more of the list:

Boston, Massachusetts: Iced Coffee
Charlotte, North Carolina: Skinny Latte
Chicago, Illinois: Blonde Roast
Denver, Colorado: Tea Latte
Los Angeles, California: Frappuccino
Memphis, Tennessee: White Chocolate Mocha
New York, New York: Pike Place
Omaha, Nebraska: Mocha
Portland, Oregon: Eggnog Latte
Phoenix, Arizona: Iced Caramel Macchiato
San Antonio, Texas: Frappuccino
San Diego, California: Green Tea Frappuccino
San Francisco, California: Soy Latte
Seattle, Washington: Extra Shot of Espresso
Tampa, Florida: Iced Coffee

See a sweet Starbs map of all the drinks >>> HERE