Soooooooooo Liquid in Ybor was PACKED Saturday night for Adore Delano (understandably so), so just in case you can't understand what we're saying, here ya go! lol

Ricky: I loved watching you and Bianca go from not so close to super close! Do you guys still keep in touch?

Adore Delano: Yes! I was actually passed out drunk in her bed last night!

R: Is there anyone you try to avoid or aren't cool with?

AD: No! We've all worked together so much we get along really well

R: LOVED your Anna Nicole in the snatch game; what was your favorite challenge?

AD: I really liked the rap challenge and the snatch game. Those were my favorite

R: Are there any tid bits or sneak peeks you can give us for the upcoming episodes?

AD: This next one actually is really good, it's life changing for me so it's really good