Getting married soon or have a special event coming up?? Well has a list of 10 foods to avoid so you aren't bloated on your special day!

1. Beans: There's a reason beans have earned the moniker   "magical fruit": they contain a type of sugar not digestible by the body. When   the sugar hits the large intestine, bacteria try to break it down, and the gas   you produce is an unfortunate byproduct. To keep gas levels down before the   big day, choose protein sources like chicken or fish instead.

2. Artificial Sweetner: You might think you're doing a good thing by swapping out fake sugar for the real deal, but not so fast.   Sugar alcohol, which is commonly found in diet soda, sugar-free candy, and artificial   sweeteners, is hard to digest for many people, leading to bloating and discomfort.   Before heading down the aisle cut back on sweet stuff — whether real or fake   — and you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more energized.

3. Alcohol: Anyone who has tied one on can tell you   how puffy they feel the next morning (even more so when too many beers or sugary   cocktails are involved). From sulfur-bearing gases to weakening the digestive   system, there are a few reasons why alcohol can have you feeling like the Stay   Puff Marshmallow Man in your all-white dress. Save the toast for the day of   and cut out alcohol during the two weeks leading up to the big day.

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