Thanks to for these habits all you ladies need to stop!!

1. Wrapping Wet Hair Up in a Towel – it damages your hair’s cuticle.

2. Washing Your Face in the Morning – all that self-restoration your face does overnight just gets washed away.

3. Exfoliating Too Often – this can actually make your skin raw, dry it out even more, and then you begin to just scrub away NEW skin cells instead of the dead ones.

4. Pumping Your Mascara Wand – girl, that just gets a TON of bacteria in your mascara. Ew.

5. Piling on Products – did you know that some products can actually negate each other?

6. Neglecting Your Neck – hello, aging can show there first, but we still forget to moisturize!

7. Using a Straw Too Often – yeah, it might be good for keeping stains off your teeth, but too much puckering up can actually give you SMOKER’S lines.