Gary Kiehne is a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona.  And he just sent out a bunch of fliers with the standard talking points . . . "Washington is broken" . . . "smaller government" . . . "repeal Obamacare" . . . stuff like that.


There's also a photo of him on a ranch in a cowboy hat, talking with two other guys in cowboy hats next to a pick-up truck.


What he DIDN'T notice was the photo accidentally features a horse with MASSIVE JUNK.


Seriously.  There are three horses in the background eating near a corral, and you can see a GIANT HORSE DONG on one of them.  It COULD be something else BEHIND the horse, so it just LOOKS like horse dong . . . but we're going with horse dong.


We don't know how many of these fliers Gary sent out . . . but hey, at least they're getting some attention. 



(Tucson Weekly