In Spain, Coca-Cola is testing a new vending machine that changes its prices depending on the temperature outside.

And you might think, "Great, that means when I'm hot and thirsty, the machine will raise the prices and GOUGE ME."  But it's actually the OPPOSITE.

The machine is set up to charge $2.40 for a bottle of soda, lemonade, or water when the temperature is under 84.  Once it hits 84 or 85, the price drops to $1.70.  And if the temperature goes over 86, the price drops to $1.20 . . . or half off.

Coke says they set up the pricing that way to make their drinks even MORE appealing during the summer.

Of course, if these machines become more common, the people running them might NOT be so pro-consumer . . . and might flip it so you get charged WAY MORE for drinks when it's hot outside.  But that hasn't happened . . . yet.

And there's no word on whether the machines could come to the U.S.