Sure, you'll spend big money on a few people this Christmas . . . but aren't there a few people you DON'T want to drop cash on?  Like the cousin you don't really talk to anymore, or the guy you pulled in the office Secret Santa?

Here are six cheap, easy Christmas present ideas, just in case . . .

1.  Put some cookie mix in a jar.  Take a mason jar, layer the ingredients inside to make cookies, put a ribbon on it, and attach the baking instructions.

2.  Fold some $1 bills into origami shapes.  Then, if you give someone $10, it looks way cooler than just a $10 bill or a check.

3.  Make a big batch of homemade cookies.  No one can be totally disappointed by a ton of cookies.

4.  Buy a bunch of lottery scratchers.

5.  Burn a CD mix.  Older relatives and coworkers might still appreciate CD mixes, and it shows that you put some thought into it.  For someone younger, you can put it in a thumb drive.

6.  Make a photo collage from their Instagram photos, or other photos they like.  You can do it online, and have them printed cheaply at a Walgreens.  Photo printing costs have gone way down since there's no real demand anymore.


photo credit: Alice Harold via photopin cc