This contradicts everything hack stand-up comedians and their lame sitcoms have ever taught you . . . but apparently your mother-in-law isn't the key to your MISERY, she's the key to your HAPPINESS.

A new study out of Deakin University in Victoria, Australia has found that married people who see both their mother AND their mother-in-law once a week are HAPPIER than people who never see either, or who just see their own mom.

According to the data, people who see both regularly had the highest sense of well-being.  People who just see their own mother regularly were second, people who just see their mother-in-law regularly were third, and people who rarely see either were last.

The researchers say the main reason it's good to see both is because you're getting TWO sources of maternal support, two people who can give solid advice from experience, and two people who can help with your kids. 



(Daily Mail)