The Internet somehow finds a way to make EVERYTHING weirder . . . even the ONE holiday that's weird enough on its own.  Here are seven of the strangest Halloween costumes you can buy online right now.

1.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  It looks like you're putting your baby in a mop with meatballs sewn on.  It costs $22.

2.  Pregnant male fairy.  It's like a green Tinkerbell costume . . . but with a fake pregnant belly.  And it's only intended for MEN.  Itcosts $40.

3.  Baby-busting-out-of-the-belly.  It's a shirt with a plastic bloody zombie baby busting out of your stomach.  It costs $70.

4.  The "one night stand."  It's a costume for guys where you put a lampshade on your head and wear a nightstand.  That makes you "one nightstand."  Get it?  It virtually guarantees you won't have a REAL one-night stand, and it costs $55.

5.  Naked sushi.  I GUESS this is sexy.  It's a full-length body suit for women with fake sushi covering the naughty parts.  It costs $30.

6.  Sexy skunk.  This one tests the question, "Can a woman put on ANY set of animal ears and make it a sexy Halloween costume?"  The sexy skunk costume comes with a tight dress, furry skunk ears and a tail.  It costs $60.

7.  Fake breast grab.  This is a woman's t-shirt that makes it look like you're topless and there are hands grabbing your breasts from behind.  It costs $30.



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