We've got the results here from a new survey that asked men what they HATE to see women WEAR on a date.  But the best result comes from a follow-up survey, when they asked women if they care about the results.

And women said NO.  About half said they'll keep on wearing whatever they want on a date, and three out of five say a guy should accept them regardless of what they wear.

In other words . . . this list is basically moot because women are going to wear what they want to wear.  But here it is anyway:  The top six things men hate to see women wear on a date.

1.  Fake eyelashes.

2.  UGG boots.

3.  Jeans.  

4.  Giant, celebrity-style sunglasses.

5.  Fake tanner.

6.  Leather sandals with straps . . . think Gladiator sandals.