Tony Finotti is born and raised right here in St Petersburg FL. He graduated from St. Pete Catholic High School in 2005 and moved immediately to Tallahassee to attend FSU. Graduated in 4 years with two degrees, one in Hospitality Administration and one in Business Management.

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Tony knew he wanted to be in Hospitality his entire life. After graduating from FSU he started working at a fine dining restaurant in Tallahassee, A La Provence, where he began to learn more about the intricacies of bartending and proper service. After moving back to St. Pete to be closer to family and enjoy the beaches Tony began working at Mise En Place in Hyde Park. It was there that he really began to learn about drink making from Nate DeWitt. After working there for over a year he relocated to the other side of the bridge and began working at The Mandarin Hide. "I fell in love with their breadth of product and in-numerous selection of spirits," says Tony. 

Tony loves bartending because of the people he gets to work with and meet on a daily basis. "People from all walks of life come in for different reasons at any given point in the day." "Luckily at TMH we have a cocktail menu that was designed with everyone in mind. We have all sorts of concoctions ranging between Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Cognac, Bourbon, Scotch, and everything inbetween and outside of those categories, we have something for everyone to try," says Tony.

Photo credit | Jeremy Quellhorst

 If he has the time Tony especially likes to tailor make a drink specifically for one person. After finding out their likes and dislikes, past cocktail history, and trying to figure out what their looking for, he can usually come up with something pretty tasty on the spot. Whether that means creating something out of thin air, or introducing them to a classic cocktail that they're unfamiliar with Tony always want to leave someone with something they've never had before. "Don't get me wrong I love making a Gin and Tonic or a Whiskey and Coke, but I really love when someone steps outside of themselves and tries something that they never dreamed they would enjoy," says Tony. They have so many options behind the bar that we can alter the taste of almost anything. "There are so many different types of spirits that the novice drinker hasn't even heard of, it's really fun introducing people to those types of things," says Tony.

Jon Harrell and Tony Finotti at the Infinium Competition in 2012

Tony has entered three bartending competitions and won one, an Alibi Whiskey Competition in January of 2013. That was the last competition he was in. He has been featured in the Creative Loafing and The Tampa Bay Times.

After Winning the Alibi Competition in 2013

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