Photo credit : Jake Simp

Carrissa talks about Freedom!

"This song I wrote about all the struggles that I've been through within the last year. With people being mean and puting me down to the getting over the fears.  I wanted to write about how I went through the hurricane in NY and not really having a place to go as my apartment didn't have any electricity, heat, and no cell service.  I was basically stranded. lol  So I took all my struggles from the combined life of moving to the big city with people puting me  down and I OVERCAME it ALL.  I had to break all the chains of people were not supposed to be in my life and let go of all the hurt and pain i experienced.  This song is about breaking away and letting go to do what you love which is music in my case.  This song can relate to anyone though. It's about not holding back and going for what you want.