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Kojo Prince is a comedian born in New York and raised in New Jersey which explains his slightly edgey material mixed with a sarcastic wit. He has performed for all kinds crowds along side a vast and various line up of stellar comedians such as Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams, and Mike Marino. Since his return to the stage in the early 2000's Kojo Prince has performed in many A room comedy clubs across the nation including the Laugh Factory, The IceHouse, The Improv, Catch A Rising Star and The Apollo Theater to name a few. Since his arrival in Florida Kojo has graced the stages of many venues and clubs sharing his life's experiences mixed with his unique and often "doublesided" view of the world around him. It was once said that you actually burn calories watching Kojo Prince perform due to his high energy that he sustains throughout his entire act. This is accompanied by his hilarious faces and occasional act outs. A comedian that takes comedy very seriously and strives to deliver a perfect performance each time he sets foot on stage. Be sure to keep an eye out for his performance dates..coming to a town near you!

What do you notice different about the comedy industry up North where your from versus comedy in the South such as Florida?

A great deal, when I moved down here with my wife I hated it, everything was really spread out, very few clubs and very few active tenured comics performing. It has A LOT of new comics that are pretty much running the show..which is insane and very frustrating.Then you have the cliques mixed in with the poltics, which again I think is ridiculous..although Florida is rather big it is very small in regards to the comedy scene, it should be shared instead of horded

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When did you start performing?

I actually started doing comedy in 1992..for about one month then stopped..but stayed in the business doing different jobs like promotions and road managing. However, I never stopped writing and never stopped studying the science of comedy, I went to a ton of comedy shows just to watch and learn. When it came to performing on stage I returned and gave it my full commitment in 2005 and haven't stopped since.

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What is the most challenging thing about being a comedian?

For me it's not just one thing its an accumulation of a few things, the traveling, the areas in which you travel and  being away from your family and friends. There's nothing like being the only black guy in an all white town in the south trying to make people laugh the day after Obama got re-elected. Or try being call a Ni**er while you're trying to perform. You have to be "born" with thick skin just like you have to be born with a sense of can be taught only but so much.

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Would you say performing in front of an all black audience is harder then performing in front of an all white audience?

It is for me. I appreciate and enjoy what society calls "urban comedy" but am I what they call a traditional urban I didn't grow up in the ghetto, I didn't have roaches in my house or lived on welfare so I don't have those influences to draw from. Do I think urban comedy is only about those experiences, no but they do help shape you as a comic. And that was always an issue for me..I was able to make the white audience laugh but struggled to achieve the same success with the black audience.. and that really hurt me a lot.. even stings a little to this day. However, my comedy coach/manager taught me that funny is funny no matter what color you are.. you write what's funny to you and what you feel and the audience will follow no matter what race or nationality. Just be yourself.

What is your ultimate goal as a comedian/performer?

Some may say that this goal is a little "low baring" but for me its the top of the mountain.. I want to be scene on T.V performing comedy. I've already been on Showtime in a movie called BatBabe..don't judge! But what I really want is to perform comedy on national T.V. I'm trying to match my mother in some ways. My mother, Falumi Prince, sang with Harry Belafonte for 10 years, in those years she was on the Flip Wilson show, sang in T.V commercials and was even on an NBC special broadcast performance for the Queen of England. If I can get on at least a few times I would be REALLY happy, any other accomplishments would just be icing on a cake. 

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"This is not what I do, this is who I am" - Kojo Prince

Photo credit | T Franklin Photography

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