Cory Van Valin

Photo credit: Brad Lowe

Interview by Antonio Stanley

This sensational upcoming Magician will have you questioning everything you've ever known to be real..
From cards landing under your shoe, in your back pocket, on the other side of the window, it may leave you asking, "what's next?!" When the Magician Cory Van Valin claims it is only the 'tip of the iceberg!'
When you witness his effects, you either think he has been practicing his entire life, or was bitten by some lab-experiment bug!

You might find him working the streets of downtown St Pete, or you might have already seen him working the crowds at The Lodge in SoHo in Tampa, and if you’re lucky you might find him randomly at a gas station. But wherever you find this mysterious character, give yourself the honor to ask him to see a trick, and rest assured you will have your mind shattered!

"Chris Angel has nothing on this dude!
He's like David Blaine, but with a personality... Still freaky though!"

If you see a crowd hovering around, or people running away with awe on their face, you might be looking at one of his performances on the streets.


Performing for Mac Miller in St. Pete

Photo credit: Brad Lowe

We all know magic doesn't exist. Try saying that to this magician after his performance..

When asked if this is real magic he is producing, "yes" is his answer without a stutter in his tone.. "But what is real magic?"  "The real magic I am producing is within you, and everybody on this planet.. It is my tricks that pull out the inner magic found within everyone."

"There was this time where I did a trick to a child at the beach with his family... When the ball disappeared from my hand, and reappeared in the child's hand, the smile on his face almost put a tear in his father's eye.. His father told me he has never seen his son smile that way.. and THAT is when I discovered real magic"

“When I look back at life, it wasn't until I was already a claimed magician that I noticed all the signs pointing towards being a magician.. From my first memory being a simple magic trick, to having this insane interest in reading Harry Potter at a young age when I found out it had to do with magic. Mixing that with the emotions of watching David Blaine on Television as the first real magician from an early age of 6, while having experiences of enjoying the closest front row VIP seats to Chriss Angel’s Clearwater performance.. I believe it is meant to be, and I have found my voice.”

Magic is found in more places than the simple laughter of a child, or a smile from a stranger, magic is found everywhere. Have you ever had an anonymous stranger do something so kind for you? That feeling.. That feeling is magic.
Magic can also be found in the mysteries of life. I think this is a marvel quote, but magic is the science of the universe we have yet to discover.

"What makes me unique as a magician is the fact I have a message to all of my tricks.. I like to make it relevant to each and every individual, as opposed to just 'look what I can do'.. And more towards 'look what's possible.'

If you have had the pleasures of meeting the new upcoming magician Cory Van Valin, then you know what his presence can do. If you are reading this right now and haven’t yet met him, do not be alarmed if you happen to bump into this claimed magician the next day.