"Never let yesterday disappointments over shadow tomorrow's dreams"

- April Michelle

Photo credit ~ Left - Ty Hunt | Center - Nova Jay | Right -  Abel Cruz

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

April Michelle Ross is an eccentric, outgoing, and spontaneous young lady who is a dancer, model, and makeup artist. Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida she has danced since the age of two. Formally trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, and hip hop. She danced competitively for 12 years with two studios throughout Florida. Directly after graduating high school she auditioned and was chosen as an NBA Orlando Magic Dancer. Not only did she kill the court floor with her dance moves but she also has performed for the Maxim Magazine Super Bowl Party, Fantashique, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Nike, Goldwell Hair, Verizon, the Outback Bowl Party, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, member of the Miami Knockouts, and Premio lo Nuestro with artist Pitbull, Chino y Nacho, and Elvis Crespo just to name a few. 

Photo credit | Jaime Moron Hawley

April not only demands a stage but also a camera, she can be caught doing film work such as Papa Johns, Dillard's, and Party City commercials. Print work as a model includes Capezio, Champion Sports Wear, RedBull, Nike, and Miami billboards for a up and coming artist Renegade FoxxCurrently April is performing as a member of The Knockouts based out of Miami, teaching in the Florida area, choreographing for central Florida sports dance teams, performing around the U.S. for special events, gigs, and shows as well as being a freelance makeup artist in and out of MAC. Multi-talented and driven for success she is! 

Photo credt ~ Left & Right - Ty Hunt

What is your favorite makeup brand and why?

MAC, or course! When I was in high school I started using MAC and I knew every time I walked into the store this brand was perfect for ME! I live for adventurous trends, and optimistic looks. Needless to say, I use them to this day, and also now work for them! 

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

Out of your three talents which is your favorite?
I absolutely love and have a special place in my heart for all three of my talents but without a doubt, DANCE will always be my #1 love! Started at the age of 2 and haven't lost the passion or drive to be amazing at it ever since! 

Photo credit | The Knockouts - Abel Cruz - Miami Photo Studio

What do I look for in a photographer? 
I respect all photographers, but I definitely look for "outside the box ideas" Any photographer can shoot a pretty girl in a two piece swimsuit. I'm looking for someone who will take an eccentric idea and then push it times ten! As you can see I'm a camilian so I'm always looking for the next best look to step up to!   

Photo credit ~ Left - Abel Cruz - Miami Photo studio | Right - Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

Has your love for your talent throughout the years grown? 
Without a doubt in my mind, my love has grown! As you get older, the passion is truly tested! Do you have what it takes, can you keep up with this talent while staying finically stable? Your heart has to be fully committed or else it can easily be lost in the mix of life! 

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

We noticed your hair changes quite a bit, what is your inspiration and why? 
Most importantly, life is all about having fun! Hair is one way I express myself and live freely! Hair is HAIR... Simply meaning, it will grow back or you can dye it back! I like to have fun and experiment with different hair styles and see how many different looks I can pull off! After all... Why play it so safe?! ;)

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

"Whatever you see you gotta keep a sense of humor; you gotta be able to smile through all the bulls**t" - Tupac

Photo credit | Nova Jay - Sheying Photography

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