"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." - George Carlin

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Danielle Trax is originally from New Jersey & has been residing in the Tampa Bay area for about 8 years. The weather, family, friends, and opportunity keep her here in this tropical climate. “I love the beach and have an awesome job bartending at the Hard Rock Café!” she exclaims. Danielle enjoys creating and sampling unique and original beverages. “Being a certified bartender by the Hard Rock Café has definitely expanded my knowledge in this area,” she explained. Along with her work as a mixologist, Danielle has appeared in a few commercials as well, including an ABC Hard Rock promotional commercial, LKQ Self Service Auto Parts, and The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Campaign which helps educate and support domestic violence victims.

In Danielle’s spare time she enjoys painting and being spontaneous. “Painting is a sort of therapy for me…I can zone out and let my creative juices flow!” One of her favorite artists is actually a photographer named David LaChapelle. “His work is truly amazing and off the wall. I love how uniquely expressive his photography is.” Danielle’s future consists of working on getting her art displayed and distributed nationally while expanding her modeling portfolio to be featured in national ad campaigns.

Photo Credit | Bruce Amoroso

Q: Where are you favorite locations to shoot?

A: I love being outside with natural light, although something I’ve learned in past photo shoots is that the weather is not always on your side. This can cause problems. It can also be a nice surprise if the wind blows at just the right moment-BOOM!- perfect shot!

Phot credit | David Bailey | Dbaileyimages.com | Facebook.com/dbaileyimages

Phot credit | David Bailey

Q: What is your favorite style of photo to take?

A: I enjoy all types, but the “artsy” style is very interesting and exciting to me. I like being able to be creative and “go with the flow in shoots. Sometimes the original idea doesn’t work out, so keeping an open mind and trying something outside the box can be just the ticket

Phot credit | David Bailey

Phot credit | David Bailey

Q: What are your interests outside of modeling and promo work?

A: Well I own three hermit crabs (Shel Silverstein, Shelly Duval, and Bob Ross) and two kittens I adopted from the Humane Society of Tampa. I believe if anyone is looking for a pet they should definitely adopt! The shelter houses many innocent animals that need a good home. I named one of my kittens Yossarian (or YoYo) after the main character of my favorite book Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I try to read a little every day, since that is another passion of mine. Currently I’m reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. I’ve always been a zombie lover ever since I saw Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as a child. I think that’s where my love for horror films stems from. 

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Q: So did you go to school in Tampa?

A: I graduated from USF with a business degree concentrating in marketing and management. I enjoyed going to college here in Tampa. It was a big enough city where I could feel independent from home, but small enough where I wasn’t overwhelmed. I’m a Bulls fan all the way! Go Bulls!

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Q: So you mentioned you like to paint. What is your favorite style?

A: I love abstract art. I love it because two people can look at the same painting and see two totally different things, and see something different each time they look at it depending on the type of mood they’re in. When I paint I usually have a starting idea but not a full game plan. The spray paint might not fall the exact way I plan so I just go with the flow. An idea I start off with usually is not what the finished product looks like in the end. I’m inspired by emotion, color, and a complicated idea that can only be expressed by paint on a canvas. It’s very therapeutic and I love when others love my work as well. 

Art credit | Danielle Trax

"But If I fall I fall up, I'll let the clouds hug me & if I fall down I bet I hit the ground runnin'' - Lil Wayne 

Art credit | Danielle Trax

Danielle says, "I don't like to name my art because I don't like to persuade people to see what I see, I want them to see what they feel".

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