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At the age of 24, Julliana Chaves continues to take over the Tampa Bay area with fashion shows and events featuring her company Brazil Beach Bikinis, which launched last year on April 1st 2012. Her vision is to bring the brazilian culture to South Florida and show how work and play can be such a fun experience when put together. Her future endeavors have led her to design her own line that is expected to be released by Spring 2014 along with a men's line with concentration in fitness apparel.

"Brazil Beach Bikinis" One Year Anniversary

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What else does Julliana do? Well, she is a sales rep for La Vida Cigars by Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero Co. based here in the Tampa Bay area. She is the marketing director as well as the social media guru for La Vida. You can check them out online and follow them on Facebook: and Instagram/lavida_cigars

Photo credit | Matthew Jacobson

Q: What led you to the fashion industry?

A: I grew up in Florida by the beaches and having family in Brazil from Rio de Janeiro, I always spent my days on the beach. While arriving back to the U.S. with brazilian bikinis and my friends constantly begging for some also, I decided to start my company selling Brazilian bikinis, specifically starting with Despi Swimwear.

Photo credit | Matthew Jacobson

Q: Why don't you model your bikinis?

A: I have always been on the other end of the stick when it comes modeling. I do not favor doing photoshoots, rather, I prefer to be behind the scenes. There are so many beautiful ladies in South Florida and I enjoy meeting the models and styling the shoots.

Photo credit | Matthew Jacobson

Q: What will your future bikini line entail? Your men's line also.

A: I hope to bring funky, fresh styles back in with the scrunch butt bottoms and sexy styles. Essentially, I am looking into bringing back the traditional brazilian bikinis with the small bottoms and triangle tops. As far as my men's line goes, I want to bring together fitness apparel and soft lycra to create fun styles for the men.

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Q: What is your ultimate goal in life?

A: Ultimately, I want to work in an advertising agency and/or become Director of Communications in a company, favorably my own and I hope to grow as an entrepreneur prior to engaging in moreprojects. I have so many ideas and try not to get ahead of myself, although I do so pretty often. I have many different approaches in life that I am willing to take, it just takes time, passion and integrity.
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