Kidd Leow ft. Cliff Brown - Lifting Me Up

  The saying goes….love is a funny thing. Anymore these days it seems that love grows harder and harder to find. True love, unconditional love is an even rarer sight, but when found, it can move mountains. The truth is most of us don’t feel like we can receive that kind of love. We are haunted by our past, our failures, our reckless lifestyles. We have tossed pure love to the trash heap to be replaced with one night stands and wild flings. We have surrendered our innocence to people that just want to use us for the convenience of the moment. We have betrayed our souls for the taste of pleasure. We refuse to drink living water and choose to drink from the toilet bowl. True, pure, and unconditional love; yes, maybe that exists, but it belongs to those who have walked differently than us, people that deserve it. But…...what if there was a way to start over, to have a clean slate and a new shot at this agape love?

        I wrote “Lifting me up”, from the outsiders perspective. Painting the picture that in my depraved state I’m looking at a party in heaven. A place that I don’t feel like I can get to. A place where it seems I don’t belong. This is the place where real love exists. The sacrificial love that changes lives. So…...I pound the door down until someone let’s me in. I would give anything to be in this unreachable place. Bang, bang, bang, I keep knocking.  And then the unheard of happens, they let me in. 

        I hope you love the picture Kidd Leow and I paint as much as we do. We hope that this song gives you a little taste of heaven. A taste of real, pure love. We hope that you will take a little part of it wherever you go. Because we believe that is what this world needs. Sacrificial love, a love strong enough to die for others. A love strong enough to break racism, prejudices, poverty, hunger, and greed. So listen and enjoy, as we attempt to - lift you up! One love ~ Cliff Brown



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