Man pretends to shoot at Zephyrhills High School

Thursday morning, Sean Chlebowski was dropping his son off at Zephyrhills High School and noticed a suspicious man with his finger in the shape of a gun pretending he was shooting at the campus from a chain link fence along County Road 54, within feet of the school. Sean told News Channel 8 that the man had a large backpack and he was making gun noises , but that’s not all the man was doing.

“The whole time this is happening, the guy is looking up in the air talking, looking down talking, having a verbal conversation with someone who wasn’t there,” Sean told WFLA TV.The father immediately called Zephyrhills police and waited for officers to arrive, then watched as the officer spoke to the guy, believed to be in his early thirties. At the end of the ordeal, no arrest was made.

The Zephyrhills Police Chief told WFLA-TV his officer did an evaluation and determined the man wasn’t a threat, the family maintains they’re still nervous about the situation at Zephyrhills High School and  wonder why the guy who was making shooting gestures at the school wasn’t questioned further or arrested. The father did record a live video on Facebook at a distance. (warning graphic language)

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