7 Stores from your childhood

Do you remember shopping at Service Merchandise? It was in existence from 1934 - 2002 and gained great market share over those years and even had one of the biggest names in entertainment do their commercials, Bill Cosby himself. Well after 9/11 they could not sustain their remaining 200 stores and they all closed down almost as quick as Bill Cosby's career after all the allegations. 

The Discovery Channel Store was only around for 11 years, but was the place to go for all the fun learning things! 

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Growing up this was the place to go for all the good electronic christmas gifts! Radio Control cars, light up phones and any type of wire you can imagine and even CB Radio's! The closed up the remaining stores memorial day weekend 2017. 

Founded in 1872, Montgomery Ward had quite the run, but by the 1990s, however, even its rivals began to lose ground to low-price competition from Kmart, Wal-Mart, and especially Target, which eroded even more of Montgomery Ward's customers. 

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You couldn't go to a single mall in America without seeing a KB Toy Store! Founded in 1922, it had quite the run until around 1996 when they started to see a decline. By 2007, KB Toys closed 156 stores, leaving them with just over 1100 stores remaining. After their second bankruptcy in five years, they went out of business in February of 2009 and the KB Toys Brand and intangible assets were sold to Toys "R" Us for 2.1 million. Now with Toys "R" Us going out of business, there are rumors of KB Toys returning! 

Long before the internet, record stores were the place to get music and there was no shortage of mom & pop record stores all around the country, there were also a few monster record stores and Sam Goody was one of the biggest, but we can't forget about the monster Tower Records! 

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