The 9 best foods from Florida

Living in Florida we are surrounded by both fresh and saltwater and of course, citrus trees! Here are the 9 best foods from Florida that make the rest of the country jealous! 

1. Florida Orange Juice. 

Every glass of Florida Orange Juice is full of vitamin C, potassium, folate, no added sugar and tastes great! 


Sure, Orange Juice is tasty, add some champagne and you get mimosas, but what else can you do with Oranges? How about a Face Mask? 


2. The Cuban Sandwich

A traditional Cuban sandwich is made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and salami on Cuban bread. The Cuban sandwich originated in cafes catering to Cuban workers in Ybor City and Key West. Ybor City and the surrounding areas are still the go to destination for a tasty Cuban sandwich. 

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3. Key lime pie
Key Lime Pie originated in Key West Florida and is made using a "Key Lime" which is smaller and seedier and has a higher acidity, stronger aroma, and a thinner rind, than that of a traditional lime. 


4. Florida Stone Crab
Did you know Ninety-eight percent of stone crabs come from Florida? Next time you are in New York City eating tasty stone crab, chances are it came from the same waters we swim in! 

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5. Strawberries
Florida strawberries are so popular around here, we have festivals to celebrate them! Strawberry Shortcake has become the go to way to indulge outside of just cleaning a strawberry up and popping it in your mouth 


6. Apalachicola Oysters
These tasty delights originate from Apalachicola Bay, which is in the panhandle of Florida. Apalachicola Bay produces 90 percent of Florida’s oysters 

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7. Kumquats

The edible Kumquats fruit closely resembles the orange, however it is much smaller, about the size and shape of a large olive. 


8. Gator 

From gator tail to deep fried gator bites, Florida is the place to get the very best gator. 


9. Hooters

Hooters originates from Clearwater, Florida and has become an international brand. 



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