Shawn Mendes Pranked, Ruins Marriage Proposal

This is sooooooo wrong.  Shawn Mendes was pranked by a radio station in the UK, and thought he had completely ruined a marriage proposal on the radio.

The set up was that the guy was gonna call his girlfriend from the station, and Shawn was gonna hop in and propose FOR him.  Welp, it didn't go too well...and Shawn had no idea how to react.  But he definitely handled himself well!

a. Shawn is BEYOND cool; the way he jumps in after the call and tries to calm the guy down.

b. IF this had been real, totally agree with the girlfriend.  Would've totally been lame to have an artist do the proposal FOR you.

Shawn Mendes Covers Post Malone "Psycho" [VIDEO] - Thumbnail Image

Shawn Mendes Covers Post Malone "Psycho" [VIDEO]

If you haven't seen the video yet for "In My Blood", check it!

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