Boss Slaps Employees Across The Face For Not Doing Their Job

Think about it: Friday. 5p. You’re all ready to leave for the weekend... and your boss hands you 10 more things to do. You hate them. You curse them in your head. You’re tired of them piling stuff on you. Well think about it this way: at least they’re not slapping you across the face!!!

This boss in China slapped employees across the face for not doing their job properly. And I kind of agree with it! 

Scroll down for my probably unpopular opinion...

Granted these employees volunteered to be slapped across the face for not doing their job properly...they even crawled on the floor! Now I don’t really agree with the crawling, but I do agree with the slapping. 

These days, there are so many employees that aren’t doing their job properly, and there’s no recourse for their actions. They don’t learn that there are consequences! So they just keep doing a crappy job and don’t really care. 

Imagine if they were slapped across the face for not doing their job properly! After a few slaps, they’ll learn. And they’ll do better. Now I’m not suggesting making it legal for a boss to put their hands on an employee without their permission, but I feel like there should definitely be a volunteer option! Take responsibility for your actions!!  Be ready for consequences if you don’t do your job properly. 

Just my opinion. 

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