Glamping in Tampa Bay

What does "Glamping" mean? Well, imagine going camping, without cramping everyone in a small tent. When you go Glamping you can appreciate nature without sacrificing comfort,Yup, Glamping is a luxury camping! Enjoy the beautiful views that make up Tampa Bay with a comfy(ish) bed and in most cases, a modern bathroom! There are places all around Tampa, Florida that you can go Glamping at and make a memory that will last a lifetime!

Glamping is the only option when there's bears, snakes, gators, massive grasshoppers, spiders and gazillions of mosquitoes surrounding you

The Luxe Teepee is its own special Glampers paradise in Lake Wales. This place is fully furnished with a fireplace, AC, and a private patio deck and might just be the ULTIMATE way to Glamp in Tampa Bay

What is that tower off of I-275 in Tampa? - Thumbnail Image

What is that tower off of I-275 in Tampa?

At Headwaters in Jupiter, guests reside in their own private retreat.  The main lodge is comprised of three up-cycled shipping containers, and is surrounded by native Florida plant life, edible gardens, and other thoughtfully designed landscape elements. 

Growing up, my father had an old VW camper van. It was a 1968 and provided my family with so many memories! Now, you can make your own memories in a classic VW camper van. If you want to find out more, they are located in Clearwater! Florida VW Rentals

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