Liam Payne Tries To Solve Laurel/Yanny Mystery, Truth Revealed!

Welp, one of the good things about this Laurel/Yanny debate is it stops everyone from arguing about politics!!  This is the dress discussion all over again!!!!

When I first heard the Laurel/Yanny audio, and every time after, I was #TeamYanny. In fact, I have no idea HOW anyone hears Laurel in the audio. But what's crazy is I found this video of Liam Payne listening to it, AND I HEAR LAUREL plain as day on it!!!  WTF!!!

Well TMZ has solved the mystery.  Spoiler below!

If you haven't heard the original yet...

Well according to TMZ, the Redditor that originally posted it has solved the debate!!!

According to the guy who originally posted the audio, he recorded the robotic pronounciation of the word "Laurel" from He recorded the audio off his speakers, which caused the distortion.

Debate SOLVED!  

Unfortunately, I still hear Yanny.


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