Krewella Had Me Spray The Crowd With Champagne, And I Was Embarrassing

There I am... standing side-stage.  

Jahan from Krewella is just getting done hyping the hell out of the crowd, and throwing her headphones into a sold out packed house at Shephard's Beach Resort.  She walks up to me and we hug, because they have absolutely SLAYED the night.  I jokingly tell her "you're sooooo sweaaaaaaaty!" she doesn't already know that.  She grabs a bottle of champagne, ready to spray the Krew Life fans down one last time. Then she utters the words I most feared:

"You need to come out and spray with me!"

Only problem... I'VE NEVER SPRAYED A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE BEFORE! I've never even sprayed a crowd with a Pepsi!!  Like you can tell from the video below.

I even try telling Jahan to just take it, since it was the last bottle of champagne!  But nope, she wants me to go out with her and spray.  And the rest was plain embarrassing...

So for the next 15 seconds, Jahan tries to teach me the best way to spray the bottle, while my friends standing around us laugh and try to pump me up!

Cover the bottle opening.


Uncover a small area of the bottle.


Seems easy enough! I've seen a hundred DJs do it a thousand times!!  What could be so hard???

Am I just that talentless that I can't spray a bottle of champagne properly??? Because my spray did NOT go as far as every other DJ I've seen do it! lol

Even one of their fans did an insanely better job than I did!!

But what did I do wrooooooong????  I wanna know, so I can do better next time!!!!

Did I not shake it enough? Is my spraying technique too static??  Was the opening supposed to be more or less???

Embarrassment aside, it was so awesome going out with Jahan and ATTEMPTING to spray the crowd.

PS: Krewella absolutely killed it. An absolutely amazing show from some absolutely amazing women.

PPS: I have no idea why anyone enjoys getting sprayed with champagne.

PPPS: I hope I never have to do it again.

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