Justin Timberlake "Bio Beige" Air Jordan 3's Coming In July

You probably remember JT's performance at Super Bowl LII. You may remember it as lackluster or you might have thought it was great. One thing is for certain... he had on some Jordan 3's and gave them the ILL-crease on the front when he knelt down.

The internet went nuts on Mr. Timberlake for how he treated one of the sneaker community's all time classic shoes. Then, he got his own Jordan 3's and there's nothing the internet could do about it. When Justin dropped his signature "JTH" 3's last year they sold out in record time.

Well, Hypebeast says get ready for "July 9th", because the Man In The Woods is releasing more heat!

The "Bio Beige" JT3's will be available for $200, as long as they're stocked. No word on how many pairs will be released but you can bet I'll be scouring the apps looking for mine. These are hard! 


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