Driver That Mowed Down Dad & Kids Posted Videos About Killing

This world is a very scary place.

On Sunday, Pedro Aguerreberry and his two boys went out for a bike ride.  It was noon. They wore helmets.  They were on a bike path.  They did everything they were supposed to when you go for a bike ride.  But unfortunately, nothing could stop what was about to happen.

A complete psychopath with past mental issues decided to play God, when he passed the father and his two kids in his car, made a u-turn, crossed a lane of traffic, and headed directly at the three of them. Popping up across the grass and mowing them over. Then drove off.

Thank God he was caught a few hours later, but that doesn't bring back Pedro, who died at the hospital, or heal the broken leg and minor injuries the kids had.

Videos he posted to social have now come to light, and they paint a picture of a man who was hellbent on killing someone.

Let me just reiterate. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING. I'm not saying this would've been stopped, but who knows.  If you see someone posting videos on Instagram threatening to kill people, PLEASE report them!  If it saves even one life, then it's worth it.

My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Pedro.


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