Some Of The Craziest Names Of Fireworks Sold In Tampa Bay

Definitely seen some crazy names for fireworks through the years, and all of them have been awesome to shoot off!  To scare birds of course.

The Tampa Bay Times visited a couple of fireworks shops around Tampa, and found some of the best names of fireworks for sale.  These are all fireworks you can buy in the Tampa Bay area!

  • Fight Fire With Fire (500 gram heavyweight)
  • Waking Up The Gators ( that a good thing?)
  • Ladies Night Out (not even sure what kind of fireworks that would entail)
  • Echo In The Ear (definitely staying away from this one)
  • Bare Knuckle Fighting (you caught my attention)
  • The End! (kinda worries me, don't want 2018 to be it)
  • The Ultimate Man Card (is this to compete with Ladies Night Out?)
  • Size Matters (over-compensation for sparklers?)

But this one's definitely my favorite that I saw at a tent on Dale Mabry:


I am soooooo curious what it’s like!  If it’s an act of God, the fireworks HAVE to be intense, right?!?

Well wonder no more.  Found video of Act of God being set off by Galaxy Fireworks!

I mean, great fireworks, but I gotta admit...a little disappointed.

I don't know what I was expecting, but if it's an act of God, I was expecting AT LEAST hail and locust!  Or something!!

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