Man Buys Home That Comes With Cat?

Even if you're not a cat person this story should drag you thru the roller coaster from "sad" to "yay!"

California resident, Jeff Saull was greeted at the door of his new home to a cat that confidently darts in the house like it lived there... because she did. Soon the cat's confidence turns to confusion when she realizes everything in the house has changed, including it's owner! Reported by

The cat, "Crispy" lived in the house with it's previous owners and became scared when her family was packing up the house. Crispy jetted out the door leaving the family to assume they lost her for good.

Mr. Saull took care of Crispy until he could ask around his new neighborhood to find her owner. A neighbor spotted the cat and knew exactly who she belongs to. The family that moved to Texas is eager to have Crispy back... I'm sure they'l keep an eye on her moving forward.

I'm not one for cats... more of a dog guy but this made me smile. Then I stopped because I have an image to uphold. -Buster

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